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Hey babe!
How's business?

I’m Steph Gold, the franchise owner of Babes In Business St. Louis. Babes In Business is THE networking community for women entrepreneurs.


Whether you’re dreaming of ditching your 9-5, have been your own boss for a while, or are somewhere in the middle, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


When you join our Babes In Business Membership Community you’ll have access to:

Member spotlights on our social media. Ticket discounts to our signature Babes In Business events. Special Advertising pricing so you can showcase and promote your business throughout the year on our social channels. And you will become a part of the Babes In Business Directory. Our BIB Directory will allow you to be searched on all BIB websites, growing your reach and visibility!


If you're looking for an empowering and supportive community to cheer you on as you hit your goals, and make more money: You’ve found us! 

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Tired of trying to run your business alone? 

Feel like your friends mean well but just don’t get it? 

Got a big-picture goal but can’t seem to find the time, stay accountable, or stay on track?

Ready to grow your network and learn new ways to make more money?


You’re in the right place. Babes In Business is a Membership full of women who have been there, done that, and are stoked to help you get there too.

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The BEST Investment for your


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  • Boss Babe Yearly

    Every year
    • Babes In Business Directory: gain major visibility
    • Social Media Spotlight
    • Discounted Tickets: Select events
    • Discounted Advertising Packages

Purchase a Membership to the Babes In Business Location nearest to you to receive the most benefits.


Click Location in our menu to view all BIB Communities!

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Get Discovered

Your business will be searchable by BIB Location and business category through our online database. Showcasing you on all Babes In Business websites.

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Unlock Discounts

Enjoy 20% off Babes In Business meet ups and 20% off advertising packages.

*Discount is only for specific events. Babes In Business bi-monthly meet up only.

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Grow Your Business

Instagram Member Spotlights will spread the word about your business, brand and specials.

BIB Community Demographics

Our rapidly growing network of female entrepreneurs is here to support your business and help it flourish.  By connecting online, at events and through social media we have discovered that together we are unstoppable.  We have seen massive growth in the Babes who join our Tribe.

​Take a look at what being a part of BIB means for your business.

BIB's Audience

94% Women Entrepreneurs

18-24: 3.1%
25-34: 41.8%
35-44: 36.5%
45-55: 12%
55-64: 4.7%
65+ 1.4%

Our Social Stats

Instagram average monthly

Accounts Reached 20K
Impressions 75.2K
Profile Visits 2K

Online Platforms

Gain Visibility on our platforms

1k Monthly website views
2.3K Instagram Followers
2000 Email Subscribers

At Babes, we support you in four key ways:

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We Help You As You Grow Your Business.
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We Help You Connect And Build Your Network.
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We Help You Shorten Your Business Learning Curve.
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We Help You Gain Visibility 

Everything you find in the Babes Membership aligns with one of these goals.


 You'll have exactly what you need to network, grow, and make more money.


No matter what you’re working on in your business, you’ll find the people and tools you need in the Babes Community.

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